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What Is Online Personal Training And What Are Its Perks?

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Scenario -- So your plan this year is to start exercising (regularly), because... you want to live a healthier life. Oh, and you'd like to lose some bodyfat and maybe gain some muscle so you can feel more confident. So you went ahead and bought some new workout clothes, workout accessories (gloves, wraps, water bottle, belt you get the idea) and a gym membership. You start out strong, going to the gym 4-5 days a week, spending 1-2 hours with each session. Ok, so you're on the right track, but after the first week you're frustrated, because like always the results are not coming fast enough. Now you're at the gym 3 days per week versus 4-5 days, you're losing motivation, focus is all off, and you keep looking at the clock wandering if the hour is up (because you tell yourself you should workout at least an hour).

This is when you consider to hire a personal trainer but... one problem.. cha ching, that's right, that little old thing we call money. You simply don't make enough to afford a trainer, then someone tells you about online personal training and you're like, "What? How is an online trainer going to motivate me or make me accountable?"

What Are The Benefits With Using An Online Personal Trainer?

Actually, you get alot of the same perks of using an in-person personal trainer when you choose to go with online training, particularly the expertise of coaching. Personalized or custom workouts as well as nutritional guidance. Make sure the trainer provides these personal services and not just cookie cutter workout plans.

One of the biggest advantages between online training and in-person training is the flexibility aspect. You are able to train whenever and wherever you want. If you are traveling for business or with family and you are restricted on time, but you still are able to fit in 20 minutes - then you can have your trainer tailor a 20-minute "crunchtime" workout.

- "Big advantage right there!"

So by creating your own schedule, you will become more self-sufficient. Plus, since you need to keep in touch with your trainer for progress —you'll become more in tune with your own body, and how certain exercises make you feel.

- "Dang, it just keeps getting better."

Alright, So How Much Is This All Going To Run Me

Online training can definitely be more cost effective than signing up with an in-person trainer. In-person trainers can range anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour, depending upon your geographical location, and sometimes even more depending on the trainers level of expertise and goal specifics. Look for online trainers that offer memberships that way you will get on-going support throughout the month and not just a workout program.

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offer all of these benefits, personal services, membership packages, NO contracts ever, free to cancel whenever you want (however we never encourage quitting). We are there with you each and every step of the way, so that you never feel lost, confused or demotivated. We encourage, educate and empower our clients so that they not only can achieve their goals but learn as they go and create self body awareness.

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