Client Testimonials

Call me crazy, but sometimes I feel like I'm saving lives. Through better fitness and healthy living choices, some of my clients have completely turned their lives around. I'm always happy when my clients remember my role in getting them there. Read on and find out how I've helped others find their new healthier and happier lifestyles.


John Klumph

"I train with David twice a week on average and I am never disappointed by the enthusiasm, creativity, caring and focus he brings to the process. I have fibromyalgia and this journey has been an experience for both of us. David never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge of the human body. I think if there's an example though of how a professional should act and conduct themselves, it's David."

Dr. Monica Varela

“I chose David after reviewing his list of training experience and certifications, six months later and I haven't found disappointment. I was in need of a motivator who could bring me back to my fitness routine. Got that.... He certainly will attempt to push you hard to get the work done and his persistence is unbreakable but also he gives you that one reassurance that the game is yours worth having.."

Jeny DeBerardinis

“I have been a client of David for several years now and I'm always amazed on how he keeps it from being boring. We are constantly changing our routines and he always seems to bump it up a notch! I feel very grateful to train with R.E.P.S Personal Training, LLC. David always has my physical health on the forefront. Having said that, if YOU want to maximize your athletic potential I would encourage you to seek out the expertise of R.E.P.S. Personal Training, LLC."


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Franseca Wellard

"When I first went to David Polomie as my trainer he had a daunting task with me.  I felt I could not do the exercises he proposed but with great patience, kindness and humor he has greatly enhanced my quality of life and I am very grateful.  David has also given me the encouragement and skills to try and overcome my physical disabilities.  When he first trained me I could barely walk, lacked balance and was unable to lift 1lb. weights.  Now I am much stronger.  David through all this has become a good friend and mentor."

Ceci Acosta

"Very creative and awesome motivator, David is a hard core trainer that will make your muscles burn.  He is very dedicated and cares for his customers."

Michael Guidice

"I am not a huge fan of working out, but David makes every workout fun and challenging.  I actually get excited before every one of David's training sessions.  Every workout is different.  David challenges your mind and body.  David is caring, he is a motivator, he is funny, and David is constantly learning and sharing what he learns with his clients.  David knows how far to take you with your workouts for you to accomplish your goals.  I have never walked away from a workout with David, where I do not feel as if I really accomplished something.  David offers so much for my health and well being that I strongly recommend him."

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