Bent Over Row w/Landmine
Bent over row w/Landmine
The arm pump
Compact Hack Squat
Isolated Cable Bicep Curl

Full Conctraction

Isolated Cable Bicep Curl

Place the ebows up high on the preacher bench and pull the cable behind the head

Organic Cold-Pressed Juices & Smoothies

- Just some additional healthy options that we offer our clients

RTD (Ready-To-Drink) Supps

- More options before, during and after the workouts.

Left side view
View from the garage entrance
Right side view
Landmine w/Viking attachment
Updated Gym - Expanded flooring with more toys
Large Circuit Set Up
"Bottoms Up" Press w/Kettlebell

An extremely challenging exercise not only for the shoulders but the grip strength as well.

Standing "Viking" Press w/Landmine
Standing "Viking" Press w/Landmine
Front Squat with a 60lb Sandbag

Posture..Posture.. Keep the head neutral and the sandbag up high on the chest.

Sandbag Front Squat
Single Arm Shoulder Press - Neutral Grip

Maintain good posture and engage the core when performing unilateral movements.

Lumberjack Squat w/Sandbag
Lumberjack Squat with a 60lb Sandbag
Hanging Ab Straps
Hex Bar with stand
Gym (view 1)
Gym (view 2)
100lb. Sandbag and Sissy Squat
2 Single Cable Handles
Gym (View 3)
Sissy Squat, 100lb. Sandbag and 60lb. Sandbag with handles
Tricep and Hammer Bar
Wrist Roller for the forearms
60lb. Sandbag
Sissy Squat
3 Way Soft Plyo Box 20", 24" and 30"
Most Grip Handles for better grip
Squat Rack with Hi/Lo Cable Column
Squat Rack/Landmine and TRX
Ab Carver
Ab Carver
Alternating Waves with Battle Ropes
Kettle Bell Swing
Single Arm Shoulder Press with Swiss Ball
Single Arm Shoulder Press with Swiss Ball
Bench Press READY...GO!
Barbell Bench Press
TRX Suspended Ab Crunch
TRX Suspended Oblique Crunch - Side to Side
TRX Suspended Push Up