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Bored With The Same Old Workouts? Variety Is The Spice Of Life...

Are you ready to change up your routine?

If you are not big on change, this may be a big task for you, but you won’t regret it... or the results you’ll get from it.

✔️ Increased Motivation.. Game time!

✔️ No More Plateaus

✔️ Increased Strength and Endurance (like never before)

✔️ Decrease in Body Composition.. Oh Yeah!

✔️ Focus.. Focus.. you’ll be dialed in.

Ok, so what are we talking about? It’s pretty simple... just take a muscle group like the pecs, and each exercise you do for the pecs you tweak it. So you might do a set with a pronated grip style while laying in a supine position. Next set you may use a neutral grip style and third set you use a reverse or supinate gripping style. Each set is a little different it changes things up for you mentally as well as physically. This makes the workout more challenging and exciting. Now you’ll just have to be more creative the longer you train. For instance, you may want to add in some different training equipment, like the TRX suspension trainer, kettlebells, swiss ball, bosu ball, slam balls, medicine balls, wall balls, mini resistance bands, loop bands, GRT with a Landmine (if it’s not accessible, you can always place a barbell in the corner and take a tennis ball, split it and place over the end of the barbell. By doing this you won’t mark up the wall you are using either).

Bottom line, try to make each workout better than the last, by thinking "out of the box", and being creative. So, don't be afraid to try different things. Remember, working out should be fun or at the very least not so boring that you rather be counting the leaves on your neighbors tree next door. Exercise should be a life long commitment, because let's face it... good health is everything and we never fully realize it, until we don't have it anymore.

Don't wait until tomorrow to start your fitness journey. Start it now.

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