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This session will work around the clients recovery issues, maybe it's flexibility, adhesions or lactic acid build up. 
We may work on manual stretching exercises, myofascia release - MFR (foam/stick rolling) and/or the use of a massage gun to aid in increasing blood flow and speed up the recovery process, while diminishing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Post-Recovery - 30-Minutes

  • All scheduled sessions require a 24-hr cancellation or the client will be charged fully value for the session.

    If the trainer cancels the session in less than 24 hours that the client will receive the next session FREE of charge.

  • All training sessions at the time of purchase are final. There is NO REFUND on the packages or programs, unless authorized by the owner of REPS Personal Training, so be sure that you choose the correct program and/or session type.

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